English ac3

Part 10

Después de enterrar a los muertos, Farewell pide ayuda para construir un bote y regresar a Ciudad del Cabo. Shaka está de acuerdo, pero mantiene a la mayoría del grupo (incluido Fynn) como rehenes. Al regresar a Ciudad del Cabo, Adiós y la delegación zulú están encarcelados por Lord Somerset.
Shaka descubre que su esposa ha dado a luz a un hijo. Él ha matado al niño para que nunca pueda amenazar el reinado de Shaka. Nandi, sin embargo, cae enfermo y Shaka le ruega a Fynn que salve a su madre.

Part 9

After burying the dead, Farewell asks for help in building a boat to return to Cape Town. Shaka agrees but keeps most of the party (including Fynn) as hostages. On returning to Cape Town Farewell and the Zulu delegation are imprisoned by Lord Somerset.
Shaka learns that his wife has given birth to a son. He has the child killed so he can never threaten Shaka's reign. Nandi however falls ill and Shaka begs Fynn to save his mother.

Part 8

Farewell and his men establish Port Natal on the coast. However, the men are restless and wish to return home. Shaka then forces them to join him in a war against another tribe. He uses them and there cannon to force the enemy into making the first move. This results in an overwhelming victory for the Zulu's.