Starting Over

Olivia helps Grace face her conniving ex-husband Dan in a bitter showdown over their unsettled divorce. Although Grace is ready to accept defeat, Olivia refuses to give up until she helps Grace finally find her own voice. Jack is torn between keeping his job or his journalistic integrity when he’s assigned to write an article praising Cedar Cove’s bad boy, Warren Saget. But after writing the article, Jack discovers Warren has the final word when it comes to his son Eric.

Old Wounds

Grace learns that the terms of her divorce may prevent her from being able to move on with her life. Olivia convinces Grace to confront Dan and take him back to court, but their mission turns up surprises about Dan’s new life and suddenly sends Grace running scared. Meanwhile, Jack makes a surprising gesture of support to help Eric after Shelly and the baby take off for Seattle. But when Eric receives an even more surprising proposition from Warren Saget, he is left to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Justine continues to bond with her friend Cecilia.

Relations and Relationships

All the women in Cedar Cove are learning how to move on and embrace better futures. Olivia feels pressured when Jack insists on exchanging house keys, unsure of the next step. Suddenly seeing troubling comparisons to her ex in Jack’s growing frustration over the issue, she panics, just as Grace faces upsetting reminders of her own failed marriage. After struggling to pay for expensive repairs to her house, she is overwhelmed and in debt.

Letting Go (2)

As Olivia and Jack attempt to stop a mounting custody dispute between Eric and Shelly over the future of their unborn child, emotions run high at the hospital. Meanwhile, Maryellen refuses to believe John Bowman, the man she loves, is a criminal. But when she learns he will do anything to protect her from the felons of his past, she makes a drastic move to find him without the police’s help.